Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Domestic Goddesses Unite!

Am on the Pink Heart Society today talking about my fabulous Lemon Chicken recipe that makes me look like a Domestic Goddess without me having to actually be one...

And in other news, I'm sure some of you have heard of the cringe-making article the Daily Mail decided to publish about our lovely RNA Summer Party under the headline: "The Blue Rinse and Bodice Rippers: In Twin-Set and Pearls Meet the Ladies Behind Britain's Steamiest Novels"

Just like to state for the record I never saw any blue rinses, pearls or twin sets, but even if there had been I do wonder why the Mail seems obsessed with recycling all the boring old clichés about romance writers and romantic fiction (I mean Bodice-Rippers, seriously? Haven't we moved past that yet?) instead of reporting the reality - what we write and read isn't a guilty pleasure, it's not some grubby little secret we're all scribbling away at to top up our pensions (actually I haven't got a pension yet!!). Romantic fiction is instead one of the biggest sectors of the fiction market precisely because women love reading and writing these stories. Now you've got to wonder why the Mail and its reporter seem so determined to try and belittle and degrade what we do? Could it be that they're actually the boring old cliché and not us?

I'm not sticking in a link to the original article because, believe me, life's too short and for some reason they seem to have deleted all the fab comments! But here are a few great blog responses from the fabulous Julie Cohen and Talli Roland. You rock, ladies... As do we all.

Now, must go dig out my twin-set and pearls for the next party!


Talli Roland said...

Lemon chicken, yum!

Thanks for posting the link to my response, Heidi, and for your wonderful comment yesterday!

Heidi Rice said...

You're welcome Talli, it was a great blog, and a pleasure to meet you at the RNA chapter meeting on Saturday.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Oh, that doesn't sound good about the article. Sounds like lazy journalism to me.