Friday, 10 June 2011

The King of Cool.. And Drool

Ever wondered why Steve McQueen is called the King of Cool? You may want to check out my Must-Watch Friday post today on Pink Heart Society, where I am considering this important question in quite considerable depth as regards The Thomas Crown Affair circa 1968. NB: let's face it what other macho man could wear a day-glo orange shirt and blue hotpants and still look straight? (check out pictorial proof above)

In other news am still trying to work out the kinks on my latest ms... Had a light bulb moment on a flight to Dublin this weekend when I was visiting Abby Green (and avoiding my problem child ms). My heroine and my hero may have a tad too much emotional baggage... Think it might have come about as a result of being on a Ryanair flight. Nuf said.

Would put up pics of my trip but was having far too much fun helping Abby put together her outfit for the RITAs to take photos!

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Cara Cooper said...

Heidi, I always loved Steve McQueen as an actor and I think he was hugely underrated.