Friday, 15 February 2013

The KISS Continuity Is Ready for Takeoff!

So excited to announce that my 14th book has now been accepted!

Maid Of Dishonour is currently slated for a September release in North America and will be the third book in the KISS continuity which I've been doing with fabulous fellow authors Amy Andrews, Aimee Carlson and Kimberly Lang. Called The Wedding Season, the continuity follows the story of four former college roomies who each end up on the rocky road to love during one eventful summer.

My story involves flirty British social media strategist living in New York Gina Carrington and hot Southern CEO Carter Price (who's the big brother of Kimberly Lang's heroine). They have a wild one-night stand in their past that had a devastating impact on both their lives and gives them lots of juicy baggage to work through when they meet again ten years later.

Having now read all the other books in the continuity I can safely say that it's  going to be an absolute stunner. It should be kicking off in July with Aimee Carson's book The Uninvited Wedding Guest which is a suitably steamy tale of love regained when Park Avenue Princess Reese Michaels has a surprise visit from surly ex-husband and former US Marine, Mason Hicks, on the eve of her big society wedding to Mr Perfect, Dylan Brookes......

Hope that whets everyone's appetite!

I'll be sticking up a sneak peek on my website of Maid Of Dishonour as soon as I have cover art, but until that time you might want to check out my Pinterest page featuring my pictorial inspiration for the story accompanied by some cheeky little snippets of the text!

 Also today, I'm talking about the fabulousness that is the Silver Linings Playbook over at The Pink   Heart Society  so come on over and check it out.

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