Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Glittering Night at the RoNas, Cover Joy & Some Spanish Giveaways!

Wow,  what an action packed couple of weeks I've just had.

First  off their was a glittering night last week at the RNA's RoNa awards. Unfortunately I didn't win the Rose award - that honour went to the lovely (and disgustingly talented!) Sarah Mallory. But I still had a fantastic time with fellow authors Sarah, Carol Townend, Fiona Harper, Scarlet Wilson and Abby Green and India Grey. It was a great night and now I've just got to make sure I get nominated next year so I can have that much fun again. (No pressure, then!!!)

Scarlet, Carol, Sarah, Fiona and Moi looking fabulous on the night!

Then this week I took a two-day trip to Dublin's Fair City to do a wonderful workshop with my good mate Abby Green on how to write a Mills and Boon. I think we made a pretty good double act myself and it was great chatting with the Eblana writer's group who hosted the event.

And then I got back this afternoon to discover not one but two great covers for my June release Too Close for Comfort in my inbox. This is Zane and Iona's story and is going out in the US as my first Harlequin KISS novel and in the UK in the Mills and Boon Modern series -  while Riva remains on hiatus.  Both covers are completely gorgeous but I'd say the KISS cover might just have the edge thanks to all those bright vibrant colours and my fabulous heroine - who looks exactly as I pictured her with all that gorgeous red hair. That said, Zane my drop-dead delicious Mexican-American PI is pretty cute too.  For more details about the book watch this space as I will be doing a sneak peek on my website very soon.

I may also have more exciting news for UK readers shortly about some reprints and also the release of our fabulous KISS continuity The Wedding Season in the UK.

Lastly, for any Spanish-speaking readers out there I am doing a couple of Goodreads Giveways of my Spanish translations:

Mas Que Una Noche (aka The Good the Bad and the Wild)

Los Asuntos Del Duque (Unfinished Business with the Duke)

Just click on the widgets in the sidebar to enter!


Samantha Darling said...

Hi Heidi. Wow, what a great couple of weeks you've had. The RoNas looks and sounds as if it was brilliant fun. I love both of your cover arts....though for me I adore the Modern series one :-) x

Heidi Rice said...

It was an absolute hoot! And yes, that Modern one is tres sexy is it not!