Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Conference, Cosmo and Yet More Giveaways!!

So after FINALLY finishing off my Cosmo Red Hot Read "10 Ways to Handle the Best Man" and pinging it off to my ed last Tuesday I had a few manic days of film reviewing (in my other job) before a mad packing frenzy ensued on Friday morning and I jumped on a train to Sheffield for the RNA conference.

Sharing a flat with Fiona Harper, India Grey, Abby Green and Scarlet Wilson turned out to be as much fun as anticipated and involved champagne, prosecco, chocolate, some talk about writing and way too much talk about how India met Henry Cavill once (Sheesh, does that woman know how to make a person pea-green with envy!)

Conference highlights also included Julie Cohen's excellent talk on Themes in Your Writing, the sunshine, the lavish student accommodation (blimey that's changed since I was at college), a fun Gala dinner, drinks with the M&B eds and meeting new authors Michelle Smart, Victoria Parker and Sophie Pembroke, among others. Also got lots of ideas about possible new directions for my writing, which you'll be the first to hear about when I decide which way I'm going!

On my return, I found a whole box of my new KISS novel Maid of Dishonor waiting for me. So I've already got a Goodreads Giveaway going (click on the icon in the sidebar to enter), but I'll also be doing a worldwide giveaway on our Wedding Season FB page in the near future. So watch that space.

And even more joy, the RT Book Review magazine have given the book a 4-star review. Check out the evidence below if you don't believe me.

Am going to be doing a sneak peek on my website very soon, in time for the book's release on August 20 in the US. It will be appearing in the fab new Modern Tempted series in the UK in October, as well as the other Wedding Season books.

The Wedding Season gals are over at Harlequin Junkie at the moment BTW talking Heros and Heroines in 140 characters or less... Plus there's another fricking Giveaway over there.

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