Friday, 19 July 2013

The Great Gatsby... And other great things!

I'm over at the Pink Heart Society waffling on about how great I thought Baz Luhrmann's manic new version of The Great Gatsby was and getting in the mood to write my movie review book for Harlequin POP... Don't know when this one will be out (as I haven't written it yet) but I'm having a lot of fun compiling some of my favourite romance-centric movies for public consumption...

And if you haven't visited my Facebook page recently, I've just updated my banner (because I'm a bit of a procrastinator like that!)... And I have to admit it's a little bit naughty... But very, very nice.

In other news, my Cosmo RED HOT Read - 10 Ways to Handle the Best Man - has been scheduled for a January 2014 release... OMG!! So excited about this - not least because that's the first time I've ever managed to keep my own title. I'm not sure if that date is confirmed, but will let you know.

And my new book page for Maid of Dishonor will be up soon on my website... Honest! I just need time to do it in between messing with pictures of nekkid men for my FB banner.

And last but not least... Today is the release day for Bedded for His Pleasure, my new anthology with Kate hardy and Trish Wylie, featuring a reprint of my first EVAH published book: Bedded by a Bad Boy (I take no responsibility for that title... see above for proof.)

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