Friday, 21 March 2014

Cosmo News and Movie News

YAY! Have just heard from my editor that the Cosmo team loved my partial and I am now under contract to write my 2nd Cosmo Red Hot Read. After all the hot fun I had writing 10 Ways to Handle the Best Man, I should have a blast writing 10 Rules to Sex-Up a Blind Date...

Here's my Pinterest board for the book, to give you some heft hints about what's in store.... But basically it involves a sex-starved London journalist with a secret Twitter habit, a super-studly American alpha wolf in geek's clothing and one super-hot blind date night in a luxury London hotel, and the mayhem that follows the morning after.

Apparently it's penciled in for release in October, so I need to get writing - and do much research on Channing Tatum and Chris Hemsworth who are vying to become my hero inspiration! (Damn this is a tough job.)

And if you want to catch a really fabulous (and totally off the wall) film experience, check out what I had to say about The Grand Budapest Hotel which is my Must Watch Friday pick for this month over at the Pink Heart Society today.

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