Thursday, 6 March 2014

Introducing Beach Bar Baby... My next Harlequin KISS/Modern Tempted!

In the spirit of the season - Spring (in case you were wondering) - I've just added two new pages to my website. One for the fabulous short story collection from the authors of the RNA, Truly Madly Deeply - which includes a sneak peek of my offering The Fundamental Things - and one for my next Harlequin KISS/Modern Tempted book Beach Bar Baby.

I'm super excited about this story because it brings to a close my 'unofficial' Brothers and Sisters series of books which started with Rye and Maddy's story - Surf Sea and a Sexy Stranger - way back in 2010 and finished last year with Zane and Iona's story - Too Close for Comfort... Or at least I thought it had concluded with Zane and Iona. But I kept having this niggling feeling that my Cupcakes and Killer Heels heroine Ruby Delisantro's best mate and business partner Ella needed her story told too. But I just couldn't figure out what it would be, until gorgeous boat captain and Bermuda beach bum Cooper Delaney popped into my head. And suddenly everything became clear - or rather smoking hot!

Anyway, the book's out in May/June and you can check out a sneak peek here. For details on all six of the books in the Brothers and Sisters series and how they're connected you can check out my backlist page here.

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