Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My sexy RITA nominated hunk, Brent O'Neill!

So the Romance Writers of America® announced the nominations for this year’s RITA® Awards on Thursday… And me, being a complete plonker, was not aware of this (because I’d got my dates confused) until I picked up the phone and the fabulous Helen Kay Dimon introduced herself and told me she had some very good news for me.

Her news: My second Red Hot Read for Cosmopolitan magazine, 10 Rules to Sex Up a Blind Date, had been nominated for an award in the Best Romance Novella category. Cue much babbling, lots of teary thank yous and then a mad rush to get a plane ticket to NYC in July and register for the conference.

The proof, as listed on the RWA website!

Just wanted to share my AMAZING news. I’m so excited about this. Obviously it would be terrific if I won, but frankly just getting nominated is such an honour I’m already over the moon and far away. I loved this story about sex, lies and Twitter etiquette, so it’s absolutely amazing to have it honoured in this way.

In other news, I have signed off on my first longer book, a woman’s fiction novel with a strong reunion romance at its heart, which will be out next February in the UK and currently has a working title of So Now You’re Back. I’m super proud of this book, which is quite a departure from my series work, it’s certainly been quite a steep learning curve writing a book with this much complexity. But I love it now, and I hope you will too…

Meanwhile, back to my current writing project – a novella for Tule in our Fairytales of New York quartet - which I am working on while doing a little snoopy dancing (which is not that easy, let me tell you)!

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What an AWWW!SOME opportunity
to serve you on earth:

Just a savvy lil' witty ditty
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Faith, hope, and love -
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jump into faith...
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God believes in you.
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