Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sneak Peek of Hot-Shot Tycoon...

Am finally in the home stretch of the Book from Hell. After much angst and rewriting of sagging middle I decided not to take a break and went for a coffee with one of the other school mum's last week after dropping my youngest cherub at the school gates.

Good decision! Barbie gave me some invalueable advice (and she's not an author). When I told her my long tale of woe, how I'd got stuck in the black hole vortex from hell and could not stop writing and rewriting the same chapter over and over she said.... Um, well why don't you just finish it, then you can figure out what's wrong with that chapter when you know where you're going to end up.... Well, DUH!

Of course, she was absolutely right and so I went home and wrote two chapters in a day. Lesson learned folks, when in doubt, stop for that coffee!

In other news, I finally have a sneak peek of Hot-Shot Tycoon up on my website.

And I'm scheduled to be blogging at I Heart Presents tomorrow about playing Blind Date with your characters. So come along and have a natter.


Kimberly Lang said...

Obviously, I'm in need of coffee.

I'll give it a try :-)

Heidi said...

Good luck on your coffee date.

I've now finished the darn book, but I've still got to sort out the mess in the middle!

Why does this never get any easier??