Friday, 13 November 2009

Up, Up and Away

...In my beautiful balloon. Which is what I'd like to do right now after cycling to work today through a rainstorm only to discover all the computers were down. Could this be Friday 13th I ask myself?

Well, to brighten things up I'm blogging over on the Pink Heart Society today on the wonder that is Disney/Pixar's new movie Up. I absolutely fell in love with this film, you can find out why over there. All I'm saying is that animated movies aren't just for kids anymore, especially not Pixar's ones.

I'm also due to be blogging on The Writing Playground on Monday 16th, and I'm giving away a copy of my latest book Public Affair, Secretly Expecting to one lucky commentator so you won't want to miss it. What's the blog about? My sad obsession with jigsaw puzzles!! No really. To find out how I've managed to connect that with writing category romance by way of a particularly ingenius (and somewhat strenuous) analogy you'll have to go play over there.

And last but by no means least, I've been answering questions as diverse as 'When does winter start for you?' to 'What do you wish you'd known about publishing before you got published' over at the M&B community. Here's the link for that one if you want to read my carefully considered answers. 'Carefuly considered' as in extreme long and waffly answers!

Okay, nuff publicity for now, back to crafting the final scene in my latest book... Now, where did I leave that sexual tension again?


Lacey Devlin said...

LOL! Just the adverts for Up, Up and Away crack me up. Who doesn't love a grumpy old man?

Sally Clements said...

Heidi, loved your blog over at the writing playground, I've had a jigsaw moment overnight (while sleeping) and woke up with a totally unexpected but 'right' insight into my current wip which I'm frantically writing for nanowrimo. Felt like that Hannibal character in the A Team with cigar inserted between gritted teeth muttering I love it when a plan comes together!

Heidi said...

Lacey, yeah who doesn't love a grumpy old man, especially once you know why they're so grumpy !!

And Sally, glad you appreciated the rather strenuous analogy.. But god, The A Team, that takes me back.. Way, way back.