Thursday, 20 February 2014

Truly Madly Deeply Launch Day... Time to Partay!

Hey all

Just joining in the fun today for the launch of the fan-tabulous 24 (or 35 if you're buying on digital) Short Story Collection Truly Madly Deeply featuring some of the rising stars and bestselling authors of the RNA (that includes me, just in case you were wondering).

We're over on the Truly Madly Deeply Facebook Page  or you can connect with us on Twitter @RNATweets with the hashtag #TrulyMadlyDeeply (obviously!) if you want to join us for lots of fun and frolics today (BTW I've already nabbed Jamie Dornan as my virtual date and he said Hell Yeah... so forget it if you wanted to ask him).

But I'm also blogging here about:

The Inspiration for The Fundamental Things

For pictorial inspiration you can check out my Pinterest page...

These are the lifts in question.... Sans Josh & Antonio
Basically though, I got the original idea one day while at my other job working for a magazine as a film journalist. The magazine is based in some super swanky offices just behind the Tate Modern on London's South Bank. In fact the offices are so swanky they often get film crews there filming. Among some of the things to be shot there are Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and an episode of Spooks (yes WITH Richard Armitage in). Anyway, I've worked there as a freelancer for years and NEVER got to meet anyone famous. But I was uber-peed off a couple of years ago when I got into work to hear that Woody Allen was in the building shooting and he had with him Josh Brolin and Antonio Banderas... And some other tart who worked in the building had got stuck in the lift with Josh and Antonio for 20 minutes that morning... I mean, seriously? How fricking close do you need to get and NOT get to meet Josh Brolin and Antonio Banderas? Anyway, I pulled my disappointment - and my over imagination - out of the bag on that one when I came up with the premise for my story.

Then I started to ask the romance author's favourite question... What If?

What If... The guy you got stuck in the lift with wasn't a movie star, but your childhood sweetheart?

What If... You hadn't seen him in 22 years but you still hated his guts for a very good reason?

What If ... That reason wasn't as valid as you thought and finding out the truth might change your life/ and his in a very fundamental way?

If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning a copy of Truly Madly Deeply with my story - and tons of other fabulous stories - in it. Then you could enter the Rafflecopter posted below.

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So now it's time to PARTAY!!! 


Gilli Allan said...

Shame you missed them, but look at what you got out of your close, but not quite, encounter.

And what would we all do without the "What if...?" question that pops into our heads at such moments.
I think it's almost genetic. Some people are born with the tendency to speculate on different scenarios, others have to work at it.

Heidi Rice said...

Thanks for your comment Gilli, and so true about that What If question... Although I do believe that ACTUALLY getting stuck in a life with Josh & Antonio would have been even better for my story!! Just saying. x

Heidi Rice said...

Haha, that should have said 'lift'.. Getting stuck in a life with both of them might have been a bit overwhelming.

Nikki Moore said...

Great post Heidi... You've come closer to a celeb encounter than I ever have!

Can't wait to read your story, and you know how I excited I am to be 'bundled' with you and Katie Fforde...

Nikki :)

Heidi Rice said...

Hey Nikki, I just read your story. OMG! That is one powerful emotional punch. You made me sob (but in a good way). Thanks. xx

PS: 'Close' doesn't count IMHO. 'Close' is just a tease. 'Close is NO good to me' (you hear me, Josh?)